If a tooth gets knocked out will it grow back?

Answer Adult teeth can't grow back only baby/milk teeth can. However if a knocked out tooth is taken care of and gotten to a dentist with the person quickly it can be reattached. The tooth has to be soake... Read More »

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Can a tooth grow back after extraction?

Yes. and no. A tooth can only grow back after extraction if the tooth is a baby tooth. if the tooth is a grown up tooth than no it will not grow back.The only way to get a grown up tooth back is if... Read More »

How to Preserve a Tooth if Knocked Out?

If a tooth falls out it's because of trauma. Follow these steps to preserve it.

Will your gum grow back after you have a tooth extracted and can you replace that empty space with a denture?

Answer The gums will close up and there won't be a hole. And the hole can be "filled" up with an implant, a bridge, a partial denture or something called a flipper. It depends on which tooth is m... Read More »

3 years ago I had a rootcanal on my front tooth after it was knocked out. Now it has a brown line thru it..?

You should get to a dentist that you trust and right away. Your teeth are a part of your skeletal system and can cause a serious reaction throughout your body. Run, don't walk, to this dentist TODA... Read More »