If a tooth gets knocked out will it grow back?

Answer Adult teeth can't grow back only baby/milk teeth can. However if a knocked out tooth is taken care of and gotten to a dentist with the person quickly it can be reattached. The tooth has to be soake... Read More »

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Will your gum grow back after you have a tooth extracted and can you replace that empty space with a denture?

Answer The gums will close up and there won't be a hole. And the hole can be "filled" up with an implant, a bridge, a partial denture or something called a flipper. It depends on which tooth is m... Read More »

Can a tooth grow back after extraction?

Yes. and no. A tooth can only grow back after extraction if the tooth is a baby tooth. if the tooth is a grown up tooth than no it will not grow back.The only way to get a grown up tooth back is if... Read More »

How to Preserve a Tooth if Knocked Out?

If a tooth falls out it's because of trauma. Follow these steps to preserve it.

Will a flower bulb still grow if it gets trampled on?

A flower bulb has layers like an onion. When trampled on, the layers are pushed apart and and will slow growing, or stop growth temporarily. This is due to the roots requiring time to mend and grow... Read More »