If a student fancied this teacher and she added him on Facebook....?

Answer Ideally the teacher would realise that his position precludes him from entering into sexual relationships with students and that there is no need for him to be an exception.Hopefully, the student w... Read More »

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Can a student add her teacher on facebook?

if the student accepts the add and the teacher accepts. good to go. both have to accept the add or initate and be accepted. depends who is adding and who is accepting, if both agree, not a prob.

Is it illegal for a student to add a teacher on Facebook and...?

Not illegal but I do find it a tad weird. (If it were me. It's almost like adding your own parents!)

A guy added me as a friend on facebook....?

How long have you been speaking to this guy etc? The fact he talks about his ex a lot is a worrying sign. Obviously I don't know you're situation or anything, but what worries me here is that he sa... Read More »

One of my students just added me on Facebook?

Even if you change the spelling of your name, Facebook will still bring up similar spelling of names as you could of mistyped.if you dont want to add your students etc then you can set your profile... Read More »