If a soil is too acidic what should a farmer add to it?

Answer A base such as lime.

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What Grows in Acidic Soil?

Many plants do poorly in acidic soil. If you are landscaping a yard that has acidic soil, you might be tempted to treat your whole lawn with amendments to raise the pH. Some plants, however, thrive... Read More »

What Vegetables Grow in Acidic Soil?

Soil acidity refers to the pH level of the soil, with a pH of less than 7 for acidic soils or pH greater than 7 for alkaline soils. Most garden centers will test the acidity of a soil sample and re... Read More »

Is soil acidic?

The pH value of a soil is heavily influenced by the materials it was formed in or near to, so no exact pH is known for all types. One can find acidic soil in a climate with large amounts of rainfal... Read More »

Is clay soil acidic?

Clay soil, according to the University of Minnesota Extension Service, is not acidic and instead typically runs alkaline with pH levels ranging from 7.0 to 8.5. The pH level of soil is affected by ... Read More »