If a soil is too acidic what should a farmer add to it?

Answer A base such as lime.

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Is soil acidic?

The pH value of a soil is heavily influenced by the materials it was formed in or near to, so no exact pH is known for all types. One can find acidic soil in a climate with large amounts of rainfal... Read More »

Acidic Soil Types?

Soil is a complex system of nutrients, minerals, and organic and inorganic substances that supports plant and animal life. Most soil types are either acidic, alkaline or neutral. Soil acidity or al... Read More »

Do peonies do well in acidic soil?

Peonies are perennial flowers that thrive in soil that is either neutral or slightly acidic. On the pH scale, the acidity of the soil should only range from 6.5 to 7.0. Peonies will not grow well i... Read More »

How do I make the soil acidic?

Soil TestTake a soil sample to your county or state agricultural department. A test will be conducted to inform you as to what your present pH is and what is needed to bring your soil to an acidic ... Read More »