If a sibling flooded the house does he owe for restoration?

Answer Nothing. It is his concern, not yours.

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Sibling wont prove she is a guardian or trustee mom died 1 month ago sibling is hurrying to empty house?

Your mother should have a Will. Find out who her lawyer is. Check out to see if your mother had a security box at the bank she has done business with. You can also retain a lawyer to find out if a ... Read More »

How can one sibling get part of house that was left in will to other sibling?

How can you tell if a house has been flooded?

If a parent dies can sibling who has looked after them remain in the house even though a will has left the house to be shared between 2 siblings?

The Will will go into probate first. If a sibling chooses to live in the house then they would have to buy the house from the other siblings and if this is not possible then the house will be sold ... Read More »