Up and down ,or side to side ,which is the best way to brush teeth ?

Answer Hello.....No question about it ------> [ Up and Down ]Side-to-side , in-out-andall- about just to hopefully get what might have been missed.Of course, proper flossing is very important.

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How Far Above the Roof Peak for a Stove Pipe?

Wood burning stoves provide an often-inexpensive, reliable alternative to gas, oil or electric heat. Many people in snow-prone areas use these stoves as a form of backup heat. Wood stoves also work... Read More »

Should the leading edge of a roll of toilet paper go down the outside of the roll?

The toilet tissue should pull from the outside of the roll.If you have guests coming you can take the outside of the roll and make a "v" shape with the first sheet, looks really nice.Just fold the... Read More »

At what age does a baby roll from back to side?

My daughter has been rolling onto her side (not completely over to her stomach, though) since she was about 3 1/2 months. All babies are different, and may accomplish milestones at different ages.

Appendix which side is it on and what side does the pain start on?

Your appendix is in what they call the lower right quadrant, which is about half way between your belly button and your pubic bone, and 4-8 inches (depending on your weight) to the right. The pain... Read More »