How Far Above the Roof Peak for a Stove Pipe?

Answer Wood burning stoves provide an often-inexpensive, reliable alternative to gas, oil or electric heat. Many people in snow-prone areas use these stoves as a form of backup heat. Wood stoves also work... Read More »

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At what age does a baby roll from back to side?

My daughter has been rolling onto her side (not completely over to her stomach, though) since she was about 3 1/2 months. All babies are different, and may accomplish milestones at different ages.

What should be the average length size of a common sushi roll (i.e. California Roll or similar roll)?

The length of the nori sheet, about 8 inches. After it's rolled, then it's sliced to about an inch length before serving.

How do you remove mold streaks from the shady side of asphalt roof shingles?

Answer 1, Removing Mold Streaks Clorox! Cleaner with bleach. Removes and disinfects! This can be accomplshed by means of an ordinary garden hose. Answer 2, Here is more input: You can also use a p... Read More »

Why do old train stations have that familiar 'picket' shape on the side of the roof awning over the platform?

Good question. It comes down to each railroad company's preferred architecture. And there were many. The only set rules for the appearance of a station was established by the railroad itself. It al... Read More »