If a pizza is circular then why do they come in square boxes?

Answer The dough is easier (and faster) to make in circular. The boxes are cheaper to make in a square. It's basically that simple.Some pizzas are square, such as the costco take and bake pizzas. However,... Read More »

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Why are pizza boxes square?

We've all heard the expression, "like trying to get a square peg into a round hole." Well, when it comes to pizza, the opposite is true. Cardboard makes it necessary for a round Neapolitan pizza t... Read More »

Why are pizza boxes square instead of round?

Most pizzas are round. Logically, it would make sense for round pizzas to come in a round box. Instead, pizzas are delivered in square boxes.ConsiderationsThe main reason pizzas come in square boxe... Read More »

If lunch meat is circular why is bread square?

It is easier to make that way, but many supermarkets now have sandwich slice made about 75mm square.I have had sandwich ham like that.Dune

Why does some teas come in a circular bag, while others come in a square or pyramid shape?

sure, there are reasons....back in the 60's and 70's , Lipton came out with the flow thru teabag, which supposedly made steeping your tea more complete,...that pyramid bag you speak allow... Read More »