If a party is BYOB what drink(s) do YOU take with you?

Answer Depends on who's party and how large it is.I once knew a bunch of guys who only bought forties, because they wouldn't offer a person a beer if their lives depended on it. I used to blow their mind... Read More »

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I need advice on a byob party!?

If it's BYOB, then just bring enough for you to drink. If you are a drinker who doesn't want to drink, just don't bring biggie. There's nothing wrong with not drinking, and somebody there... Read More »

My friend is having a party to night and its BYOB?

When I am faced with a situation like this I look at the relative value that I am getting for that $5. How much fun will you have for $5 there vs. somewhere else. I spend more than that at Wendy's ... Read More »

I'mhaving a party in a hall with girls and boys but what food, drinks and songs and how many peeps I invit?

Difficult to answer not knowing a budget or your age/music preferences but, id have to second cloe (above) in saying invite as many people as the hall will fit. For larger groups finger foods are o... Read More »

I am going to a BBQ this week and not sure what to take with me, do i bring drinks I'm not much of a cook?

Get a bottle of pimms and a bottle of lemonade. Fill a jug with ice, 1/4 pimms + 3/4 lemonade. Add mint, slices of apple, cucumber, orange and lemon, even strawberries. Perfect bbq drink.....