If a parent is a vegan and insists on forcing his/her child to exist on a vegan diet ....?

Answer I depends on whether or not the child is meeting proper weight and is healthy. As for forcing your lifestyle on your child, I'm not for that...We have made the choice to let our son choose his own ... Read More »

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Is forcing your child to be vegan a form of child abuse?

Owlwings said it well. I agree with him. Most people feed their kids the same things that they (the parents) eat. I remember when my youngest was little - all she wanted to eat was yogurt so I... Read More »

If the raw vegan(or just vegan) diet is optimal why would one need to take supplements while doing it ( B 12 )?

Well, this is the deal. You only need a small amount of B12. but it can be entirely missing in a vegan diet. I think the benefits of throughly washing your vegetables outweighs that it removes b12... Read More »

I'm having a "vegan" relative come to town to visit with us for a few days. However, he insists that we?

Pitch a tent for the whiner in your back yard, and introduce him to our abolitionist vegans on answers. You are a veggie, but I know your wife and kids are not, so he should be as respectful of ot... Read More »

Do vegan police officers exist?

seriously why would you ask this? of course there would be there are a lot of vegans out there. and why would it matter?