If a muscle is pulled, does that make it more susceptible to being pulled again?

Answer I would say that unless you eliminate the cause of the original injury, you are likely to repeat it.dang, going postal, lol. get your mind out of the gutter, and back on the curb where it belongs, lol

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Could a pulled my pulled muscle be permanent Or if not, what could I do to help it?

No, a pulled muscle cannot be permanent. You can go for physiotherapeutic treatment to help it.

How can you make a pulled muscle worse?

I pulled my thigh muscle, how can I make it better quick?

Hot, or extremely cold bath. Stretch then rest. Good luck. Tomorrow take some motrine and tell your coach beforehand. Goodluchpk :)

How can I make the pulled muscle in my calf heal faster?

Haha yo'self, Maddy, let me tell you about the RICE method...R stands for REST, you HAVE to get off it, and accept that YOU can't dictate when this muscle is healed - it will let you know when it i... Read More »