If a magnet is held close to a credit card...will the card become un-readable to a scanner?

Answer No. It has to be an AC type of current to degauss the magnetic strip.What you can do is put the credit card in a Microwave oven. But for no more than 10 seconds. It will scramble the information

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How to Make a Credit Card Flower Box Magnet?

Excessive credit cards only make us spend more money than we can afford. Keep those cards you need and cancel all the rest. Use them to beautify the home and make you smile, instead of worrying abo... Read More »

Is it better for your credit score to close a zero balance credit card?

In most cases, you are better off not canceling a credit card with no balance, because it will no longer report to the credit bureau as being current with payments and your debt-to-available-credit... Read More »

Is It Better for Your Credit Score to Close a Zero Balance Credit Card?

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Can you be held liable for a credit card that you didn't sign for?

On One Hand: Know Your RightsYou are never liable for a credit card that you didn't authorize. When someone uses your name and other information to sign up for a credit card, he is committing ident... Read More »