If a guy's face lights up as soon as he sees a girl does it mean he likes her?

Answer probably would find her attractive :)

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If a girl compliments a guy's hair with smile and then continue smiling, does it mean she likes her(10 points)?

She likes her who? What does liking a guy's hair have to do with liking another girl?

This one is for guys, Girls can answer to I guess.. If a girl has a beautiful face but not the "perfect"?

I think it also the way the girl carries herself, if she is not "perfect" but is confident, others feed off that energy, if she is insecure, guys/people will look at that person in a different light.

Do you think Summer sees Fin as a little boy and Kyle sees Summer as a little girl?

Agree your right but I think Kyle may just jump the fence and do what his dad told him not to and end up in bed with Summer also Kyle has a thing for Phyllis this should be interesting

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