If a girl sits next to you and there are other seats available what does it mean?

Answer If she shows you visible interest in you, I would say she might like you

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Who is the hot brown hair girl who sits next to the surfer dude on the TMZ show?

Apart from the google search is there any other tool available for finding?

Blekko Altavista Forestle Hakia www.hakia.comDuckDuckGo Ask Kosmix www.kosmix.... Read More »

Are there other benefits available to people receiving permanent social security disability?

There are many insurers licensed by the Division of Insurance. In order to be licensed, an insurer must demonstrate it meets the state's minimum financial requirements to pay claims now and in the ... Read More »

My next baby i want a girl, is there anything i can do or eat to assure this.?

after TTC for 2 YEARS questions like this really annoy me.As far as I know, there's no guarantee for a boy or girl, however, aparently girl sperm live longer, so have sex 2-3 days before you ovulat... Read More »