If a girl sits next to you and there are other seats available what does it mean?

Answer If she shows you visible interest in you, I would say she might like you

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Should i cut the hair of a girl who sits in front of me in english class?

mm no i wouldn't do that thats kind of drastic just let it be if shes a ***** den let her be one ignore it ;

Who is the hot brown hair girl who sits next to the surfer dude on the TMZ show?

Can a girl get pregnant if she sits on sperms and a drop touches her vulva?

Well i don't think so because so far as the sperm is outside there is no way it can work its way inside the vagina and in a case like this the girl can just take her time and wipe it.

I recently booked tickets online for indian rail , my seats are in waiting list . How will i obtain my seats? above link and understand Tatkal. Once you get seats conformed, you get mail and message, If not your money will be returned.