If a girl doesn't get her period for 10 mons ..... Any girls please help!!!!!!!!?

Answer Are you exercising too much or not eating enough? If you're not getting enough nutrition your body temporarily loses its fertility.

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Why doesnt every girl just get breat implants?

LOL....i think your an idiot but i'm going to enjoy the "feedback" you get on this one....

Do you have to have tender breasts and nausea and vomiting to be pregnant you are more moody than normal and you really dont know when your last period was but it doesnt seem like that long ago AM I?

Am I? Whenever pregnancy is in question, it is always best to go to a pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test. They are relatively cheap; about $5-10. There is no such thing as a false positive; if the H... Read More »

Is it racist if a girl doesnt have a preference for your race ?

Weird rednecks is a term reserved solely for ignorant yanks , one of which I feel is you. See Haeddre's answer.Most, not all, Aussies don't give a flying fig where a person comes from or what colo... Read More »

Song about a girl who is independant and doesnt depend on the guy?

Hi!Independent Woman - Destiny's ChildMiss Independence - Kelly ClarksonI am Woman - ReddyWhen God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues - Martina McBrideI will Survive - Gloria GaynorStronger - Britney Spea... Read More »