If a filling comes out can it be put back in manually?

Answer you should get it refilled again. If it is white material then it has not been bonded you might probably need root canal therapy too. If gray material :1. it might come out because it doesn't have ... Read More »

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Has anyone tried filling up their printers ink cartridges manually ?

I used to fill my Lexmark cartridges,with my inkjet cartridge refill kit,the results were very good.But my wife brought me a new printer and the refill kit wasnt compatable with the cartridges,i pa... Read More »

How to Manually Back up Your iPhone to iCloud?

The forthcoming operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, is highly integrated with Apple’s new iCloud service. In iOS 5, you can now back up the majority of your device’s content to t... Read More »

If you have a cavity in one of your lower right back teeth that is kind of big will the dentist be able to fill it with a filling?

Answer I had a root canal on my back tooth that was supposed to be crowned, but i didn't get around to it, and because the tooth became brittle it broke ( a chunk actually came out of it). My denti... Read More »

How do you get a custard like filling when baking a chess pie instead of a bready filling?

The temperature that you cook the cheese pie at, and the length of time you cook it for can have a big impact on texture. I would use 8eggs, 500ml milk, 500ml cream for a basic baked custard mix. I... Read More »