If a doctor asks me if i smoke...?

Answer Hi :) When the doc asks you if you smoke, he means cigs. So say no, After this he'll ask you if you use drugs, tell him what you smoke, he'll want to know how much and how often :)He cant call the ... Read More »

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Can the doctor tell if i smoke?

A doctor can tell from smelling it on a patient, but he may think that the person might live with or be around a smoker. If he is perceptive, he may smell it on your breath. An x-ray or scan will s... Read More »

Can a doctor tell the cops if you smoke pot?

definitly not. last time i was at the doctor's he asked about my drug intake. I tried to be all intellectual and said "well I do enjoy smoking marijuana from time to time" and he just nodded and I ... Read More »

If someone you know is pregnant and often around pot smoke and doesn't eat right nor has seen a doctor will these things harm her unborn child?

There are no studies showing ill effects of pot on an unborn baby, however not eating right or having prenatal care is not good at all.. She needs to be taking prenatal vitamins, and seeing her OB ... Read More »

Do anyone know why my smoke detector goes off and yet there is no smoke nor fire in the house?

It does it just to tick you off! It probably likes to do it the most around 3AM. Am I right? All joking aside...The most common cause of nuisance alarms on home smoke detectors is dust. I would... Read More »