If a cookie contains 110 calories and you cut it in half do you consume HALF the calories?

Answer What? Yes it would be about half. Otherwise...if what you said applies, you could eat one, or a whole box and it would be the same.

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How many calories in half an avocado?

Calories in half an avocadoThere are:153 calories in 1 half of a normal size avocado.166 calories in 1 half of a large avocado (about 7.01 oz for the full fruit). For the calorie counts of other fr... Read More »

How many calories in a half cup cornstarch?

If you cut a worm in half, throw one half on one side of the lawn, and one half on the other. . .?

How much should you consume in calories per day?

Nearly every type of food that you consume contains calories, and these calories are what your body utilizes as fuel to accomplish everything from maintaining a heartbeat while you sleep to running... Read More »