If a computer has an integrated graphics card, can i update in the future?

Answer yeah you should have a slot/slots on the motherboard to insert a new graphics card.The machine i'm using now has a built in card which I disabled to allow the current upgrade to operate.Be aware th... Read More »

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Can i replace or add another video card to a computer that has Integrated graphics?

It's going to be simple to install a new graphics card in that machine.It's PCI-e so any PCI-e card would do. (I recommend nothing less than an NVidia 8600GT or 9600GT).It's also just a case of ope... Read More »

How to Update a Computer Graphics Card Driver?

Keeping your graphics card drivers updated is an important part of computer maintenance. This is especially necessary for anyone who enjoys playing the latest video games. Often, if the graphics ca... Read More »

How to Integrated or Onboard Graphics to Pci Graphics Card?

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What is an integrated graphics card?

An integrated graphics card is a chip on the computer motherboard--the large circuit board that connects all of the components in the computer--that produces all of the graphics for the computer. I... Read More »