If a child is under water nearly drowning for one min is she ok?

Answer yes I'll ask if no response start ABC

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Why is that cold-water drowning victims might survive prolonged periods under water?

They have laryngeal spasms. Due to the intensity of the cold water, it essentially causes their throat to close up tight, therefore there is no air or water going in, and no air or water going out.... Read More »

What will you you do if a 7 year old child is drowning?

Answer 7 year old or 70 year. save them. But seriously you are no good if you yourself are in danger. If you are in no danger CALL 911 and than swim out to get them or throw something like a cooler... Read More »

What is the difference in a active drowning member and a passive drowning member?

active- they can shout and squirm but can't kickpassive- they cannot shout because they're submerged or face down and have stopped moving

Is poring a bucket of freezing cold water over a child by there parent child abuse?