If a camcorder's resolution is 640 x 480 will it be clear or grainy?

Answer Maybe this will help and you can get a rough idea of what to expect.This video clip is of a garden and recorded on an Sony xperia mobile phones on-board camera @ 640 x 480 resolution at 25 frames ... Read More »

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Digital Camcorders Optical Resolution and Megapixels Information?

Digital camcorders have become the standard in the consumer camcorder market, replacing analog tapes of the past. Digital Video, or DV, offers better quality than its predecessor, and is also far m... Read More »

In camcorders 10x optical zoom Camera is costlier than 40x camcorders anybody can clarify this?

Cameras that employ a large zoom ratio do not have as many imaging pixels as cameras with a smaller zoom ratio.Cameras supporting higher resolution and HDTV require a lens that produces a better im... Read More »

Are DVD camcorders better than hard disk camcorders?

How Will Oil Affect Microscope Resolution?

How closely two objects can be spaced and be viewed as distinct objects determines a microscope's resolution. Microscope resolution can be increased by altering either the quality or wavelength of ... Read More »