If a baby's bottle is not filled with milk will it cause gas?

Answer NO!

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Will a water bottle filled with vodka and oj get me drunk?

Half a water bottle of vodka is enough to get you drunk.

Why does a bottle filled with cold water blast when kept in fridge?

Answer Water is an unusual liquid in that it expands as it freezes. This can cause it to break a glass container as the water content freezes.

How to Wean From a Bottle to a Sippy Cup With Whole Milk?

Some babies have more difficulties than others when it's time to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup and begin drinking whole milk. Some babies may start using a sippy cup at the age of 6 month... Read More »

Can an over-filled car transmission cause problems?

Overfilling a car's transmission fluid can damage the transmission. Foaming can occur, which lowers the fluid's ability to absorb heat. It can also raise the pressure in the transmission system. Tr... Read More »