If a baby has cancer and bleeding olser what is it?

Answer As you don't mention any symptoms relating to the head injury besides whiplash and a bump, I'm going to assume there aren't any, for purposes of this advice.Head impact almost always results in Whi... Read More »

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Is bleeding after sex signs of cancer?

There are many causes of bleeding after sex and you need to see your doctor to determine what it is. It could be an STD, it could be polyps in the cervix or uterus, it could be endometriosis or fi... Read More »

Is rectal bleeding associated with prostate cancer?

Radiation therapy is a treatment option for prostate cancer that can cause rectal bleeding. One study showed that the frequency of rectal bleeding was as high as 80 percent in men three years after... Read More »

What would be wrong if a 26 week premature baby was to be bleeding from the heart?

What happens if your baby has diaper rash and he is bleeding now what do you think I should do?

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