If a TV is left unplugged for an extended period of time, will it lose stored data (time, date, channels, etc)?

Answer It shouldn't but yes it's possible.

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How to Prepare to Play the Sims 2 for an Extended Period of Time (PC)?

The Sims 2 is a PC simulation game that has bombarded the mainstream markets. Some people are "addicted" to the Sims 2!

Do lithium batteries corode when left in camera for an extended time?

Lithium batteries can corrode if they are left in a camera for an extended period of time. Batteries are more likely to leak when they are exposed to heat or moisture. Also, some batteries may be i... Read More »

How do you get your student loans extended for a longer period of time until you start repaying them?

Loan deferment or forbearance. Call your loan provider.

Can you obtain insurance to allow your grandson to use a car mortgaged in your name in the state of Texas for an extended period of time?

I don't see why not. The policy is in the name of the Grandparent and the Grandson is listed as the primary driver. Very easy.