If a 18 year young adult moves with dad can dad file for custody?

Answer if you are 18, there is NO custody. You are legally considered an adult and by all means can legally do whatever you want... provided there is no legal consequences for your choices.

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If your girlfriend moves out of state with your daughter can you file for custody even though you are not married?

Answer Yes, if you have joint legal custody and are paying child support you can file for custody. You will have to take parenting classes and prove to the court that there it is in the best inter... Read More »

If underage mother wants to put baby up for adoption but 18-year-old father wants custody and girls parents are threatening to file charges against boy if he tries to gain custody isn't that blackmail?

Answer It's going to be a catch 22, you have a right to the child, but you could be charged with stat. rape, best to seek a lawyer.

If a divorced couple has joint custody and one of the parents moves out of the country should the custody change?

Answer The parent being refused visitation should contact the attorney who handled the custodial case. If there was not legal counsel they should call the clerk or the court where the visitation o... Read More »

If your wife moves to another state while you are trying to establish custody of the children during a divorce will she give up custody rights?

Answer Both parents need to be mature about this and realize the children have feelings as well. To the children you two are just "mom and dad." Many couples are angry, frustrated and sometimes ... Read More »