If a 17-year-old gets a 15-year-old pregnant can he end up in jail in Indiana?

Answer Answer The age of consent in Indiana is 16. However, the law seems to say that the offender must be 18 or older in order for it to fit the definitions. A grey area and not one I'd want to test i... Read More »

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In California if a 19-year-old male gets a 17-year-old female pregnant can her parents put him in jail?

Answer Not if they were dating and proven to be sexualy active before the male or female turned 18.She is below the age of sexual consent for CA. It doesn’t matter if they were dating or sexually... Read More »

What can happen in Minnesota if an 18-year-old gets a 14-year-old pregnant and could he go to jail?

Answer Yes, he can go to jail for statutory rape of a minor. Answer The 18-year old is considered a legal adult in most states including Minnesota, the 14-year old is a minor and beneath the age of... Read More »

If a 17 year old boy gets a 14 year old pregnant does he go to jail if yes can he see the girl and child while in prison?

Answer It really depends on where you are in the world there are many different laws in different countries. But unless someone actually reports you - like the parents, or the police notice you th... Read More »

If a 19-year-old male and a 17-year-old female living in Massachusetts have a relationship approved by her parents can he go to jail if she gets pregnant?

Answer by law, no. she is of legal age to consent to sex. the end. that's all that you need. nobody can press charges against you for anything, except her. she can take you to family court and... Read More »