If You're not a Virgin then what does that make you?

Answer 'experienced' is how i like to put it

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What makes virgin olive oil "virgin" compared to just olive oil And then there's?

Virgin olive oil is cold-pressed, using only pressure to extract the oil from the olives. Extra-virgin is the first pressing of a group of olives only - there can be multiple pressings of the same... Read More »

If I wear make-up does that mean I'm not a virgin?

of course not ,in less they are a very stereotypical people who judge a book buy its cover but their is no certain way a virgin or non virgin is supose 2 look , make up is worn too make people fee... Read More »

What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that youre pregnant with twins?

My bf fingered me the day before my period he didnt go all the way and then i had my 28day period like always but it stoped after 3days usually it does that then starts back up or did he pop my hymen?

.....You are fine, if your b.f fingers you, there is no chance of pregnancy (unless he had semen in his hand). There are many reasons your periods could act that way, (physical health, stress , etc... Read More »