If Your dad yells at you a lot does that mean I'm being emotionally abused?

Answer I cannot answer your question with a yes or no because there isn't enough information. Emotional abuse goes deeper than just being yelled at "a lot" by your dad. For complete information about emot... Read More »

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Is it possible to get custody of a younger sibling in Pennsylvania that is 17 if you are 25 and she is being verbally and emotionally abused?

Answer if she is 17 years old she is old enough to say whom she wants to live with no court system will make her move back she is a legal adult in the eyes of family court anyone over the age of 1... Read More »

If you are 17 and emotionally abused can you move out without being emancipated in the state of Pennsylvania?

Get help, no one can handle this alone A school guidance counselor, minister or social worker will not only answer that question, they can give you the support you need to do what's best for you. G... Read More »

Can a seventeen year old who is being emotionally abused put into another family members care?

Yes. But you will have to go through the legal steps to take custody of the child.

Can a minor move out of their parents' house if they are being emotionally and mentally abused?

AnswerIf you are a minor you cannot leave home without parental consent, emancipation, or court approval.What exactly are your parents doing that you consider mental and emotional abuse?everytime i... Read More »