If You had 3 abortions can you still have a baby?

Answer Answeryou might be able to. It depends on how "tore up" things are in there. That's a lot of damage to a uterus. A doctors exam could better answer that. But i know that it is definatly POSSIBLE

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Can a baby have a baby while it's still in the womb?

Can you still have a baby when you do not have your uterus?

The baby is enclosed inside the uterus, that is where it gets it nourishment and where the egg attaches to! No uterus... NO BABY.

Can you have your baby at 28 weeks and still bring your baby home?

Bringing your baby home from the hospital is not based on how long your gestation period has been, but rather, how the baby does after it is born. At 28 weeks, it is highly doubtful that your baby ... Read More »

I'm 19, and I still have a baby tooth...?

I was born without and that tooth you are talking about. The dentist eventually pulled it and now I have a bridge with a fake tooth there. The tooth looks real and no one could ever guess it's fake... Read More »