If You Have One Stink Bug Does That Mean There Are More?

Answer Although stink bugs (Halyomorpha halys) are listed as occasional pests by Pest World, there have been infestations and having one stink bug can mean there are more around if favorable conditions ex... Read More »

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Does Blu-Ray disc that are made from another DVD have more content on there (BQ)?

It really depends on the company making the Blu-Ray. Some movies have more extra features, some don't. Usually newer and more popular movies will be the ones with the extra features.As far as if th... Read More »

When a child is born and the father is not there or never comes around does that mean you have full custody?

%DETAILS% Answer That does not mean you have full custody. Even though the father is not around you should still go for full custody. Theres always that chance the father could back around and that... Read More »

Are there any female celebrities that have been single for more than 2 years?

AnnaSophia Robb from "The Carrie Diaries". She's like 19 and single. AnnaSophia says she didn't date any of the boys in her school.

If you are 35 weeks pregnant and have been have irregular contractions and increased mucus for the past few days does that mean that labor is coming soon?

it sounds like pre-labor to me. It could mean it is close or your body could just be preparing for the weeks ahead. if your baby is born at 35 weeks it will be totally fine and healthy.