If Yahoo gets bought by Microsoft or Google should we all migrate to "Ask"?

Answer But who owns Ask?

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Which gets your pick Yahoo or Google?

there both great but google has more sites yahoo has more pics so both of them comes in handy everyone know that

What Would YouTube Be Like If Yahoo Had Of Bought It And Not Google?

Why is Google so much better than Yahoo and Microsoft?

Probably because Google is a search engine and Yahoo started as a regular full service server. Google got enough time to concentrate on the quality of its searching functions, as Yahoo was wasting ... Read More »

If a 15 year old gets drunk, and someone bought the alcohol, who should get into trouble?

My answer is a personal opinion. 1. You should know that you are not 21, and that you are legally not supposed to drink. While most people do drink before they are 21, you should have the knowled... Read More »