If Y/A replaced the thumbs down button?

Answer I'd like a give the finger button too. but then i would be on too much! nice thought-

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Should there be a middle finger button as well as the thumbs up & thumbs down buttons?

You replaced the thermocouple on your furnace but pilot still goes out when button released?

control valvue ( relay ) internal on Gas control valvue is not switching,replace gas control valvue,By:Joe

You replaced the thermocouple in your furnace but the pilot light still goes out when button is released?

Answer The pilot flame has to encompass the top half inch of the thermocouple. A dirty pilot will sometimes point the flame away and therefore not heat the thermocouple enough to hold. Take a small... Read More »

Your top 5 girls and boys names...thumbs up/thumbs down edition?

♀ Julie Elisabeth♀ Amelia Katherine♀ Caroline Lydia♀ Grace Michelle♀ Sophie Eleanor♂ Lucas Nathaniel♂ Benjamin Wyatt♂ Alexander Samuel♂ Nicholas Andrew♂ Jackson Henry ♥ {αя}