If Women wear pants with "Juicy" on their butt, would men wear pants with "Meaty" on their crotches?

Answer LOL, that is the funniest thing I ever heard, and for the record, I HATE those dumbas* pants with words on the butt, like cutie pie, cheerleader, ditzy psychopath, or Juicy. I think it makes girls ... Read More »

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Do you think women wearing pants with the word juicy on the butt part trashy?

to me it just says that they like it from the back! lol. But it is kinda low class to wear that sh** in public.

Is it okay to wear black leggings as pants if the top covers your butt?

Yes, I see people doing that all the time. Long shirt and fine. If people in your area don't do that, maybe you'll inspire a trend :)

Is it wrong for women to wear pants?

On One Hand: The Opposition to Women Wearing PantsLynford Heron of the conservative "The Centurion Press," quotes fashion historian Alison Lurie when noting that wardrobe is the first thing that te... Read More »

What do you wear with women's pinstripe pants?

On One Hand: Be ConservativeIf you take a conservative fashion approach to pinstripe pants, pair it with a tailored white button-down shirt, tucked in. Find a suit jacket that matches the pinstripe... Read More »