If Wikipedia were a municipal landfill, which one would it be?

Answer Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island, at one time the world's largest, now slated to eventually become Freshkills Park. By comparison, Wikipedia is the world's largest "information" dump, slated ... Read More »

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What is a landfill ecosystem?

Landfill ecosystems are natural systems that breakdown and recycle garbage. Biotic components of ecosystems in landfills include mice, earthworms, scavenger beetles, centipedes, mold and bacteria. ... Read More »

How do I identify asbestos in a landfill?

Identify signsLook to see if the landfill is specifically designated for asbestos-containing products. If such a landfill is present, federal law requires that a sign be on the premises that warns ... Read More »

The Effects of Landfill Pollutants?

After you throw away your garbage, do you ever think about where it goes? Unfortunately, many people do not. Even though our landfills are considered sanitary, when the garbage starts to break down... Read More »

What percent of a landfill is food?

According to Waste Age, 16.4 percent of the total municipal solid waste in a landfill (measuring by weight) consists of food. This amounts to 26.8 million tons of food dumped into landfills every y... Read More »