If Wikipedia paid experts to write or edit articles, what would the cost be?

Answer Money is not the only thing that Wikipedia could pay experts. If they were to be given control and a byline, I think most experts would be willing to accept a token amount of money for their work. ... Read More »

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What kinds of people write/edit wikipedia articles What do they typically do for a living Are they students?

It tends to be anyone at all from any background. The only thing that ties them to the article is an interest in that topic or desire to spread the knowledge they may have. In my experience there i... Read More »

How do you edit articles on wikipedia?

Go to the article and look at what it says to the left of "view history." If it says "edit," just click that and you'll get a text box and you can type whatever you want. Then you click save.Also, ... Read More »

How do you edit semi-protected Wikipedia articles?

Semi-protected articles on Wikipedia are articles that have large volumes of 'bad' edits from IP's and new users. To edit it, you need to have an account that has more than 10 edits, which is older... Read More »

Who writes articles for wikipedia if any one can edit how can it be so accurate & systemic ?

First of all, are you sure Wikipedia really is "so accurate & systemic"? Alright, I will concede that it is systemic. But accurate? No, it's not.The articles on Wikipedia "may be written by experts... Read More »