If Wikipedia is considered an "unreliable sorce", why do we still use it?

Answer I read a paper a while ago that really answered this question well for me. Don Fallis, of the School of Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona, wrote a paper called ... Read More »

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Is Wikipedia considered an unreliable website source in general (if so, why)?

For general purposes, it is a pretty handy and reliable place to go for your information. For academic purpose, not so much. The main reason for its unreliability is the fact that almost anyone can... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia still seen as unreliable to my teachers?

Because it still is. Can you distinguish "obviously unreliable content" from potentially unreliable content? If something seems believable, does that automatically mean that it's correct? In life i... Read More »

Is wikipedia a reliable sorce?

NO ,NOT AT ALL,IT lost its credibility bcoz of poor and unscholarly admin.

Wikipedia Unreliable?

Well some do believe it is unreliable ...but it is good to gain knowledge from Wikipedia .so that you can search about the topic you need in detail on other sites whose references will be acceptedR... Read More »