If Wikipedia goes down, won't something better just take its place?

Answer That depends on how it "goes down." In the extremely unlikely event that it happens quickly, the content will probably be scattered among numerous other websites running essentially the same softwa... Read More »

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Why wont the wikipedia mobile site load on my psp?

The answer is very simple. All you have to do is go into the address bar, and where it says "www" at the beginning should be replaced with "m". This will take you to the mobile version of Wikipedia... Read More »

Why wont wikipedia let me edit michael jordan or bill gates page?

They sometimes block editing on pages that has previously/recently been 'attacked' with erroneous information

Why does google place Wikipedia articles at the top so much!?

Google organizes its results via a page ranking system, which, though the formula is periodically modified, places the results with the most page views at the top of its list. I can see a ration... Read More »

Other than Wikipedia anyone know of another place to research stuff?

Did you try Google Scholar? It is credible and legit, not like Wikipedia which is a bunch of unconfirmed information.