If Sopa goes into play what websites will be deleted?

Answer Wikipedia is blacking out for a day to bring awareness on SOPA and PIPAThese bills will give government the power to take down any website that even gives a link to copyrighted content without due ... Read More »

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What is SOPA and PIPA Why does a Wikipedia talk about SOPA tell me about SOPA ?

SOPA and PIPA are proposed changes to US copyright laws that would allow a copyright owner to request the US government to take technical and economic steps against websites and their owners who ar... Read More »

How to Retrieve Deleted Websites From History?

Occasionally, you or someone else who accesses your computer might delete websites from your computer's browsing history so that no one can see it. However, when you simply delete websites from you... Read More »

Would i be able to find what websites i was on, on internet explorer if i deleted the (read details)?

Hey!If you deleted it from your history, there is no other way to recover it. It's gone for good. If you do have a back up plan, use it.Good luck!₮ ᗪᴀʀᴋɴᴇss ₮

Date and time of visited websites after history has been deleted on Safari?