If Quackwatch has been exposed as a fraud, why do people still use it as a source?

Answer Why are all these profiles popping up with no best answers and so few questions answered? Anyway, the article you posted above is just the tip of the iceberg. He supposedly misrepresented himself a... Read More »

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Swine flu vaccine has never been tested on people, mass injections are imminent, will Quackwatch protest it?

how can they?? that would mean they'd have to slam the very fibre of their own system ... i wonder how many of the physicians administering the vaccine will give it to their children or loved ones.... Read More »

Can you save a tree that has been exposed to Weed and Feed?

"Weed and Feed," according to the gardening advice site Enjoy Gardening, is part fertilizer, but it is also part herbicide, since it is designed to kill weeds. Unfortunately, this herbicide also af... Read More »

How are parents notified that a child has been exposed to a communicable disease?

What can I do to avoid catching a cold AFTER I have been seriously exposed to one?

Dose up on vitamin C, omega 3's, iron, plenty of fluids (WATER!!)...If the virus is already in your body, your only hope is to help your body fight it.