If Old Alternative medicines don't truly work, why do they still exist?

Answer I agree. Manual therapy has been around as long as cultures have existed. Its not going to disappear anytime soon.Edit:I agree just because something is old it doesn't mean it works.However, I thin... Read More »

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Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

They work,without dangerous side effects.

If the government KNOWS smoking kills people, then why do they still allow cig companies to exist?

Why do people constantly blame the government for their loved one dying of Cancer or Emphysema or other smoking related issues? I am not particularly fond of our government, but I do not think they... Read More »

Can an employer deny short term disability if you dont carry their insurance they they don't have light work?

Answer I'm not quite sure I understand your question. What does light work have to do with it? Here's information on CA Mandatory Short Term Disability

Aren't "alternative medicines" totally bogus and a scam?

In general, it's bogus. There can be NO mechanism of action. There are a ton of studies claiming many of these alternative medications work. Fact is, these are either not peer-reviewed, have terrib... Read More »