If My Internet Pics Are Blurry How Do I Change It?

Answer When surfing online, you may notice blurred images. If multiple images appear blurred on different websites, it is likely caused by an issue with the browser. A web browser's image dithering option... Read More »

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Why do my pics come out blurry when I zoom in?

You have some misconceptions when it comes to digital photography* Blur is caused by camera or subject movement during exposures too long to hand hold* low batteries or cards will NOT cause blur* W... Read More »

Why does my camera take blurry pics?

Is it an autofocus camera? If not, you have to focus it.If it is autofocus, is the autofocus turned on?If your shutter speed is too low, this could also be causing your pictures to blur. Increase y... Read More »

Why Do Pictures Look Blurry With Dial Up Internet?

Dial-up Internet is much slower than broadband, so adjustments are sometimes necessary to improve speed. Even though images like JPEG are compressed, they shouldn't look too blurry, even on dial-up... Read More »

How do you fix nikon L100 blurry pictures they are only people that come out blurry or grainy?

Blur is one thing that cannot be corrected in photo editing software. For grain watch video from related links below answer.