If Limewire is illegal why hasn't the site been shut down?

Answer well Limewire itself isn't illegal, but people can use it to download copyrighted material illegally. So technically they haven't done anything wrong. It's like using a car to commit a crime - it... Read More »

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If websites like limewire are illegal then why haven't they been shut down?

Limewire itself isn't illegal but downloading copyrighted files from Limewire without paying for them IS illegal. And also, files downloaded from Limewire are liable to contain viruses. I installed... Read More »

Is site shut down?

Is it really illegal to use limewire now?

LimeWire itself isn't illegal, but if you use it to download copyrighted files for free (this includes music, pictures, videos and even documents) that you are effectively stealing from the owners ... Read More »

Is LimeWire Illegal ?

No, Limewire is NOT illegal. It is perfectly legal.It is, however, a hotbed of spyware, virus promulgation, key-logging and phishing. I would stay so far away from that ...