If I've previously had an ulcer, and I am displaying all the symptoms...?

Answer Elizabeth,The majority of gastrointestinal ulcers tend to recur (occur again). It would be somewhat helpful to know whether the ulcer you had previously was a GASTRIC ULCER or DUODENAL ULCER. Both... Read More »

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Symptoms of a stomach ulcer plz!?

Pain stomach ,relieved by antacids. Gastric ulcer pain is relieved by taking food, but not in chronic cases.G/Luck

Is this usual symptoms of peptic ulcer?

dosent look like sotmach ulcer to me, the common symptoms are The vomiting of blood — which may appear red or blackDark blood in stools or stools that are black or tarryNausea or vomitingUnexplai... Read More »

Page color, and displaying my name?

Up top, click the My Yahoo button, then themes on the left. Should show your name at the top left.

How do I block a website that is displaying?

Blocking a WebsiteChange your host file to block a website while using any type of browser. Choose "All Programs" from the Windows "Start" menu. Select "Accessories" and "Command Prompt." In the wi... Read More »