If I've previously had an ulcer, and I am displaying all the symptoms...?

Answer Elizabeth,The majority of gastrointestinal ulcers tend to recur (occur again). It would be somewhat helpful to know whether the ulcer you had previously was a GASTRIC ULCER or DUODENAL ULCER. Both... Read More »

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Symptoms of a stomach ulcer plz!?

Pain stomach ,relieved by antacids. Gastric ulcer pain is relieved by taking food, but not in chronic cases.G/Luck

Is this usual symptoms of peptic ulcer?

dosent look like sotmach ulcer to me, the common symptoms are The vomiting of blood — which may appear red or blackDark blood in stools or stools that are black or tarryNausea or vomitingUnexplai... Read More »

Images displaying in firefox/opera but not ie?

There is a simple reason why your jpg is not showing in Internet Explorer, but has no problems in other browsers: the jpg's colour mode is CMYK! IE (no matter which version) has problems reading th... Read More »

Why is my tv screen displaying unusble signal?

You get unusable signal on your TV because your TV is not on the correct input setting to pick up the signal from your device (DISH Network or other provider). You only need to change the input set... Read More »