I am Bored to DEATH. Please tell me your ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE So i can watch it and thank you :)?

Answer Lost Boys

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Websites please! i am bored. very bored?

There's this thing called Google. Not sure if you ever heard of it?

TEENS: Want a random survey, for the bored?

Hi, Shelby!1. What's something most people wouldn't know about you?-- I have a hidden addiction to Yahoo! Answers.2. Do you like to read?-- Definitely! I stay up late at night just to finish a real... Read More »

TEENS: Random Survey For Bored People......?

1. Do you like UGG's?Yeah, I have 3 pairs. They're really comfortable and you can wear them with almost anything. :)2. Are you a One Direction fan?Ahh yes, I love those boys! :D3. Do you like rain?... Read More »

Quick random survey :) For those who are bored.?

1. What is your favorite holiday? -Christmas2. Do you currently have a crush on somebody? If yes, who? -No3. Favorite song at the moment? -My hearts a stereo.4. What artist do you hate with all you... Read More »