If I'm POOR is there a scholarship that will pay for my college education?

Answer There is help for someone like you to attend college. Now is the perfect time to start searching for scholarships. If your parents never married, have a legal separation, or are divorced, you only ... Read More »

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How Will a Scholarship Help Achieve Your Education & Career Goals?

Winning a scholarship can have a major impact on your educational and professional career, marking you as an outstanding candidate for advancement. Scholarships indicate that you are worthy of conf... Read More »

Is there such thing as a full academic scholarship to a 4 year college?

I went to Mercer University in Macon, GA, and they offered 30 full academic scholarships per year (including meals, housing, books, etc.) All scholarship students got a free laptop as well.Abraham ... Read More »

Are there any non profit org. that will assist a disabled student with a laptop for college in Dallas TX?

You don't need a laptop.1) Most dorms have a lab in the building.2) Libraries have free access.3) There will be labs all over campus.A laptop is a luxury, and just because you are disabled doesn't ... Read More »

If you don't have national merit or something like that, can you still get a full scholarship to college?

Yes, fill out the FAFSA. They will determine if you qualify for Pell Grants which you don't have to pay back. Schedule an appt. with a financial aid counselor at the school and talk to them. Also ... Read More »