If I was immunio supressed with chemo "type" drugs for about a year....?

Answer Hi Freckle,I've been off all of my immuno-suppressing drugs since about August '07. I really didn't FEEL like I was "all the way back" immune-system wise (and I didn't stop catching every bug) unt... Read More »

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Im looking for a song about drugs or doing drugs (it's to go with a video for a project!) any suggestions?

Some ones that havent been said yetecstasy- The Streets- Blinded by the LightsMotorcycle-As the Rush ComesThe Doves- There goes the fearThe Twang- Cloudy Room (love this song :D)marijuana-Up In Sm... Read More »

Celebrities on drugs and good movies about drugs?

Oh, wow. Who to choose for celebrities. Here are some of them:Robert Downey Jr - Was arrested in '96 for driving drunk and being in possession of heroin and cocaine. Arrested again in 2000 for poss... Read More »

What About Taking 5-HTP With Prozac or Other Drugs?

Although basic dosing of 5-HTP is fairly straightforward, it becomes significantly more complicated if you are currently taking other drugs that affect serotonin levels, such as an SSRI (eg, Prozac... Read More »

How about this .. can a man with A+ blood type and a woman with O- blood type have a kid with O+?

Yes. Basically the "O+" is due to the Rh factor being present on the man's red blood cells. The woman, however, does not have the "Rh +" on her red blood cells. Hence, the child genetically acquire... Read More »