If I want hanging tomatoes?

Answer Hi Grammie, Yes you can plant them without help of a kit..Make a wood frame with 4 long pieces of wood across the frame..This way the hanging tomatoes can grow up and down on the frame you made..It... Read More »

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How do i grow hanging tomatoes?

Purchase tomato plants of choice. Consider those varieties that do not grow large fruit. Choose a hanging wire basket to accommodate the type of tomato plant selected. Line the basket with 2 inches... Read More »

Have you planted those upside down hanging tomatoes?

We used an old plastic pickel bucket, I don't remember how we got the hole cut into the bottom of the bucket or the type of tomato, must have used a drill to make the hole, anyway, it was a fun th... Read More »

How to Grow Tomatoes Upside-Down in a Hanging Basket With a Coconut Liner?

Growing tomatoes upside-down in a hanging basket is a convenient and space-saving way to garden. No weeding, tilling, staking or caging is necessary and you can harvest the tomatoes without bending... Read More »

Will It Affect My Tomatoes & Cause Walnut Wilt If My Tomatoes Are Near Pecan Trees?

Walnut wilt is a common disease of tomatoes grown within the extended root system of the black walnut tree or pecan tree. Other trees like sugar maple, hackberry and American elm produce similar ch... Read More »