If I upload a picture I took on wikipedia is it copyright?

Answer Any photograph you take is copyrighted and you "officially" own it. But if you upload it to Wikipedia, you have to give permission for other people to use it. That's what makes Wikipedia the "free ... Read More »

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How do you upload a picture on Wikipedia?

How do I upload a picture in Wikipedia?

Visit… and follow the instruction their.

How do people upload videos on youtube with copyright music?

Don't take it personally.Unfortunately for you, any music that's not your creation and that isused in your video is considered "copyright infringement". The hugemusic/media corporations like UMG, W... Read More »

Wikipedia, copyright?

wikipedia doesnt put that stuff on publicly, so its fine. on many oprojects i've done my teachers and actual professors told me taht it would be fine without wiki. copyright date