If I top my dads vodka bottle up with water ( idrunked half) will he notice?

Answer no **** you dumbass ************ u dont know **** about alcohol if your going to fill half it with water, do everyone a favor and shot yourself with your dads gun also

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Will a water bottle filled with vodka and oj get me drunk?

Half a water bottle of vodka is enough to get you drunk.

My bottle of Vodka is half-full or half-empty?

It's half full...because when you have vodka by your side, everything is POSITIVE!

I smoke 60 fags a day my friend drinks a bottle of vodka a day. Who will die first?

who cares you'd have enjoyed your life

What does one do when one's spouse reaches for the vodka bottle that's essentially just water now?

You let your wife touch your booze?Shameful! Time to turn in your man-card.