If I told you you had a beautifull body, would you hold it against me?

Answer depends on whether I can "hear" you mispell beautiful

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I've been told I was pretty/beautiful, but rarely hot..?

Its the braces. When do you get them off?

I want to visit Lebanon. I was told Beirut is beautiful. Any reviews?

Lebanon.. now where have I heard that name before...Anyways, this is the wrong area for you dear. Looks like you are smitten with Switzerland :)

If someone at hotmail has blocked my emails would they be returned to me, and would I be told?

from my understanding if they block you, they do not get returned. They only get returned to you when the person has closed their hotmail account. They can turn it back on though, think it is 170 d... Read More »

Im considerin gettin my son cloth nappies but hav been told so many things against them?

I was considering using cloth diapers to be eco-friendly too...I actually posted a question about it probably a few months ago...I did my own thinking and realized to buy some quality cloth diapers... Read More »