If I talk to my unborn baby does he hear me?

Answer Yes. By the time he is born he will already know and recognise your voice. Cool eh?Yes.

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How do you feel when you hear someone refer to an unborn baby as a 'parasite'?

Let's just say I don't like anyone who refers to a baby as a "parasite" I won't say anymore than that.

If your husband is in a rock band will it harm your unborn baby to hear him play?

Answer Probably not, but why take chances... (that's a joke)

How does an x-ray damage an unborn baby?

AnswerX-rays are high energy particles that can easily damage the nucleus of a cell. In an adult, there are enough cells that a few damaged ones are not a problem. In a fetus, any cellular damage m... Read More »

Can a child hear us when unborn?

yes but only when you are in the last 2 months of pregnancy