If I take off for a week, Who cares?

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How to Tell If a Guy Cares?

Many guys that care about you may just be trying to be friendly, but maybe are interested in you. However, you can't be too sure, so don't overreact if he offers you his coat or his hand. You just ... Read More »

How to Know if God Cares?

~ "There is no one who does good -- no, not even one."[1]When there are so many things that go wrong -- does that mean the Creator does not care? Do wrongs or "evil" mean that God is not love?Can y... Read More »

How to Cope when No One Cares About You?

I think at times, we all feel that no one cares, and that nobody notices you. We all feel unloved, unwanted, unnoticed. . .Need I go on? If you are feeling this way, I know exactly how you feel.

Abuse in Day Cares?

It's difficult for parents to leave their children with day care providers, but for many who work, it's their only option. Day care abuse, while rare, is a common concern.